Character Background (RED)

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Character Background (RED)

Post by RedDevilGeez94 on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:12 pm

Red Remmy's Background

Red Remmy (RedDevilGeez94) is a highly ranked member of the Poccet Hood Crips, he was born in Vice City, Shady Palms Hospital, El Swanko Casa.
Red was born in 1986, 22nd July.

Red had a mother called Samantha Remmy and his father was called Tommy Remmy. His father was a member of a crew called "The Red Devil Lions". Red's mother was a stripper at The Pole Position Club in Ocean Beach, Vice City.
Red had a normal life, he attended Vice City Academy and he was bullied a lot, but one day he had enough and beat up the bullies with a pipe wrench. This incident had caused him to run away from his old life.

Red ran away and found himself in Liberty City. In Broker he befriended Roman Bellic and he helped Red going into a high school called "Dukes High School". 10 years later he graduated and that's when it happened! After the graduation he went to celebrate in Bahama Mamas and got beat up by The Lost MC, all his possessions were stolen. Roman ran away like a coward and Red never saw him again. After 3 months of recovery Red vowed to get revenge on The Lost. Red had to rob stores and sell drugs to make money but it was never enough.

Later he met soon to be best friend DeShawn Lockwood (ScottishPimp69) even though DeShawn never knew his friend's last name. They met in Northwood, Algonquin. The two became the best of friends including smoking together. They then got jobs working for The Lost MC. Red got free VIP access to the Maisonette 9 Club. DeShawn got bored of liberty city and left for Los Santos. Red stayed behind to take care of some business, he later betrayed The Lost and taught them a lesson for beating him up in the past. He got one of the members Johnny on his side and they took out the leader Billy. Red then left The Lost and had to lay low to avoid the cops.

A week went past and Red thought that he would need to leave Liberty City to get away from the cops, then he remembered that DeShawn was at Los Santos so he knew he wasn't going to be alone. When Red arrived in Los Santos International Airport he met up with DeShawn. DeShawn takes Red on a tour of Los Santos and introduces him to Lamar Davis, Gerald Jefferson, Lester Crest, Trevor Philips and Martin Madrazo. DeShawn tells Red about his idea of starting a gang which was later named the "Poccet Hood Crips". Red told DeShawn about his childhood friend "Muteboy" (RWood14). The 3 friends became founders of the Poccet Hood Crips. To this day Red still commits crimes and rolls with the Poccet Hood Crips as a high ranking OG.

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