[FORMAT] Roleplay Characters' Background

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[FORMAT] Roleplay Characters' Background

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:55 pm

Roleplay Characters' Background Format

I wanted to give our members a little more creativity when it comes to the crew so I made this forum to create your very own background story to your character and how he/she got into the criminal lifestyle that is the GTA Series.

When creating a background story for your character, include the following information in paragraphs and a story-like form:

Paragraph 1 (General Information):
1. What's your character's name?
2. What's your character's age?

Paragraph 2 (Birth and Childhood):
1. Where was your character born?
2. What Elementary School did your character attend?
3. How was your character's childhood? (Bullied? Popular? Run away? etc.)

Paragraph 3 (Teen Life - Up to 21):
1. What High School did your character attend?
2. How was your character's childhood? (Bullied? Popular? Run away? etc.)
3. Did your character start doing criminal activities at this stage in life?

Paragraph 4 (Adult Life):
1. Did your character move anywhere? (Or still lived with parents?)
2. Did your character have further education? (College, University etc.)
3. General other information (Kids? Girlfriends/Wives? etc.)

Paragraph 5 (Beginning of Crime Life):
1. How did your character begin his/her criminal life?
2. What did your character do in his/her criminal life at the start?

Paragraph 6 (Finding the Crips and Joining):
1. How did your character find the Poccet Hood Crips?
2. How is your character's life afterwards? (Present day life, is he/she enjoying the Crip life? etc.)

Have fun creating your character's very own backstory!

NOTE: If you're unsure about anything, look at my character's background as an example and get some ideas from there.

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