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Character Background

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DeShawn Lockwood's Background

DeShawn Lockwood (ScottishPimp69) is the Founder and Crip Lord of the Poccet Hood Crips and was born in the year of 1991 on the 26th of March. DeShawn was born in Los Santos at Central Los Santos Hospital in Strawberry, Los Santos.

DeShawn was born at Central Los Santos Hospital in Strawberry, Los Santos to his mother LaRonda Lockwood and his father Caine Lockwood. As DeShawn grew up in Strawberry along-side his friend Lamar Davis, a small member of the Families gang and gangbanger, he attended Los Santos Elementary School in Richman and was bullied as a kid and had to get Lamar to stand up for him most of the time. Eventually, his father was shot by a Lost MC Biker as the Biker found a Families member having an affair with the Biker's girlfriend and went to Strawberry and saw a man with a girl who looks similar to the Biker's girlfriend. The Biker mistaken his girlfriend and the gang member for DeShawn's parents and opened fire on them, Caine turned and shot back as LaRonda ran away and escaped but unfortunately, Caine got shot three times in the chest, killing him almost instantly. DeShawn went through his childhood without his father and had to teach himself how to be a man in which he could only do through school.

DeShawn finished Elementary School and eventually moved to Davis High School in Davis, Los Santos where he ended up thinking that he wasn't going to take anymore of the bullying so for the next two weeks, he beat up anyone who bullied him and even stabbed one but survived. He ended up meeting Lamar's friend, Franklin Clinton after beating up one of his least favourite classmates, Harold Joseph a.k.a Stretch. After meeting Franklin, DeShawn started doing criminal activities with him and Lamar such as dealing drugs, smuggling weapons, kidnapping Ballas (on behalf of the Families), repossessing cars for Premium Deluxe Motorsport and even robbing small-time stores.

As DeShawn left Davis High School, his bond with Franklin and Lamar grew apart as he wanted a break from the criminal lifestyle to take care of his slowly perishing mother. LaRonda eventually let go of life and DeShawn fell into a deep depression. After his mother's funeral and will was read, he eventually got her life savings of $10,000 which he used to start a new life in the neighbourhood of Northwood in Algonquin, Liberty City. He met his future best friend, Red (RedDevilGeez94), in Northwood when he became a drug dealer for the Northwood Dealers. DeShawn never knew Red's full name and Red never knew DeShawn's full name, when they met, Red introduced himself as Red while DeShawn introduced himself as DeeLoc or D which they know each other by today. DeShawn and Red grew a friendly bond towards each other starting with smoking marijuana together then started doing jobs for the The Lost MC (Unknowing of his father being killed by them). DeShawn even got a job at the Maisonette 9 club in Algonquin as a Premium DJ, getting Red free and VIP access. After DeShawn got bored of Liberty City, and it's traffic, he left and eventually got a place in Los Santos, San Andreas. Red stayed back in Liberty as he had to take care of some business.

As DeShawn got to Los Santos International Airport, he got a surprise from his old friend Lamar Davis from High School and introduced him back to his old birthtown. Lamar introduces him with a race through the city then tells him about a job for his friend Gerald. When DeShawn meets Gerald, he seems nervous as Lamar tells him to stop being anti-social. Lamar tells him to get some new clothes and to rob his favourite store as a teen.

DeShawn's big criminal life starts here as he begins to repossess cars for Premium Deluxe Motorsports' Simeon Yetarian. He then meets Lester Crest, then Trevor Philips, then Martin Madrazo who all become part of the huge criminal lifestyle. As Red arrives at Los Santos, he's met with DeShawn who then shows him around, introduces him to Lamar, Gerald, Lester, Trevor and Martin.

After those encounters, DeShawn tells Red about a proposition that he thought of. He told Red about starting gang which would later be known as the Poccet Hood Crips, Red then told DeShawn about someone in Liberty City that he grew up with who couldn't talk who he called Muteboy (RWood14). They all joined together and became the founders of the Poccet Hood Crips and met a few more friends in the process. DeShawn is still an OG and robbing banks, gangs and is more tougher and dangerous than he ever was. He's gone through a tough life but he's rolling with the Poccet Hoods, alongside the Grape Streets and Rancho Mafia.

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