Character Background of Jack Collins

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Character Background of Jack Collins

Post by We_walk_alone56 on Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:03 pm

Character Background of Jack Collins

Jack Collins (We walk alone56) is one of the loyal followers of DeShawn Lockwood and was born on the 24th of October in 1985. Jack was born in Los Santos at the Central Los Santos Medical Center.

Jack was born at Central Los Santos Medical Center to parents Donna Collins and David Collins. As Jack grew up in the 'hood his parents were abusive and he never went to school and since he was four years of age, he was helping his family with sorting drugs and when he was seven years old, he was helping them sell it. During his childhood he was taught how to deal drugs and how to defend himself from gang members and muggers.

Jack never went to school due to his parents never having enough money so he continued selling drugs. A few years later he found a man called Jason when he was selling. Jason was willing on helping Jack get away from his parents, so Jack went on some jobs with Jason and his friends and during this time he earned the nickname Car Jack due to the amount of cars he stole. He managed to get a house at Hangman Avenue and he continued robbing with his new friends but one day he meet a meth dealer called Trevor Philips and started helping him with his business with Ron Jakowski and Chef for a few more years. Looking back on his life while he was high, Jack realised how many connections he had made outside the 'hood and he thought that nothing wrong could happen.

Jack soon had enough money to get a house away from his parents and his life was looking up for once, so he started celebrating with his new roommate Jason, so they went out drinking for the night and Jack met a girl, they went out for a few months but then realised she only wanted his money so they broke up. He was still selling drugs and still done some jobs for Jason and with this life he could afford his first car.  

One day, Jack got a phone call from Jason. He was extremely irritated about being scammed out of a good deal so Jack agreed to help get rid of some people and he didn’t have a problem with killing due to living in the 'hood. After hearing this, he started scamming people himself for more money, now he was killing, scamming and mugging so he was set for life but he didn’t know that the people he was killing and scamming were members of the vicious and notorious street gang, the Ballas. But Jack didn't know so he thought that he got away free but one survived and reported to an OG, now Jack and Jason were now on their hitlist.

After a few years, Jack gets a call from Jason and it's about a drug deal and he wanted Jack to come with him for some backup incase things went bad. They met up and Jason wasn't alone, there were two others, he referred to them as Ben and Callum and said they were close friends and they were there for the same reason... backup. So the four of them went to the meet up point in the 'hood but they weren’t aware that the whole deal was a set up for the Ballas to ambush them, so as soon as they got out the car the Ballas opened fire on the four guys this went on for around an hour until Jack, Jason, Ben and Callum were cornered with no ammo. They killed Jason and the others but while Jack was bleeding out, there was panic from the other Ballas and it turns out that a rival gang were attacking. They were the Poccet Hood Crips and Jack watched on as they slaughtered the Ballas in sight but as they were shooting, Jack crawled over into sight where one of the members referred to as Red pointed me out. Red called the Kingpin who went by the name of DeeLoc (ScottishPimp69) and Muteboy (RWood14) over to Jack. DeeLoc pulls a gun on him with his finger on the trigger before he says "wrong time, wrong place, nigga". Red stops DeeLoc by lowering his arm and Red gave DeeLoc the idea of recruiting him instead of killing him. DeeLoc agreed. After they took him back to their hideout and helped him recover from the wounds he pledged elegance to DeeLoc the leader and founder of the Poccet Hoods and now Jack spends his time taking out enemies of the gang and in his spare time, he hunts down every drop of Balla blood for revenge of his old friends.

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Re: Character Background of Jack Collins

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:15 pm

One of the best character backgrounds I've read. I really wasn't expecting that! Great work!

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