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Rules & Regulations

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:25 am

Within the Poccet Hood Crips we have rules... yes, we are organized. We need rules to keep order within the crew and to avoid anyone being mentally or emotionally hurt, our higher ranked members will take care of anyone who abuses these rules accordingly.

Below lies the rules in the format of number, rule, punishment.

NOTE: Anyone who abuses these rules and breaks them under the membership of the Poccet Hood Crips will be punished accordingly as shown below, this could include warnings, kicks, and bans.

1. Respect. Under no circumstances may anyone insult or harass any member of the Poccet Hood Crips no matter what rank they lie. Anyone found or reported abusing this rule will suffer a punishment from a kick to a permanent ban from the crew, between that punishment lies a discussed number of days, weeks or under extreme circumstances, months or years.

2. No one may punish, kick or ban any member of the Poccet Hood Crips below their rank before asking a higher member of the crew then awaiting a reply from that given person for acceptance. Anyone found to abuse this rule will suffer a warning first but if this keeps on resuming then the suspected person will suffer up to a 2-month ban.

3. No one may add or recruit ANY member to the crew without Crip Lord permission and conversation with the given person about joining for confirmation. Anyone found adding random, banned or kicked players to the crew without higher permission may get up to a 1-month ban.

4. Under serious circumstances, members, higher or lower ranked, should follow ANY orders given to them. If anyone is reported or found to be abusing this rule, they'll suffer a punishment from a warning, kick or a ban for up to 2 weeks.

5. Be active. The last thing we need is more inactive members than we already have, activity is key to being a good Crip. Anyone who's inactive for a month without ANY contact with a higher ranked member may be warned half way through the month and kicked at the end of the 4 week span.

6. During any races occurring may no one be a dirty racer in a race lobby, it is perfectly legal in Impromptu Races if permitted. These "dirty racer" acts tend to be under acts of ramming, nudging or P.I.T maneuvering vehicles. NOTE: This rule is null & void during the "GTA Race" game mode as that game mode is used specifically for destroying, killing or humiliating your opponents.

7. Nobody may troll or annoy people in any session whatsoever. Anyone found to abuse this rule will suffer up to 3 warnings, then a kick and if it continues, a ban of up to 1 week will be placed.

Be aware that these rules aren't finalized and some may be changed, added or removed depending on future circumstances. Higher ranked members consists of the Crip Lord (Leader on RSC) and Poccet Hood OGs (Commissioner on RSC).

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