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Rules & Regulations

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:27 am


Rules are slightly different in Police Roleplay gamemodes than the standard crew rules. The rules are shown below in the context of In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC). In-Character rules are related to your character that you're playing as and speech in-game. Out-Of-Character rules are related to you in real-life and rules that apply to the crew. Here are the rules:

1. The police DO NOT know who the culprit is until the civilian is doing someone "out of the ordinary".
2. The police may ONLY have their weapon out if there is suspicion of an armed suspect and NOT for routine traffic stops.
3. When a traffic stop is launched, the police MUST report the situation, vehicle, vehicle's occupation and if necessary, a registration check using the correct codes to search for any flags called in.
4. The police MUST pull behind the civilian's vehicle, then flash their lights, using the megaphone to tell them to pull over, then pull BEHIND the suspect's vehicle then the traffic stop is launched (see IC Rule 3 for info on the traffic stop requirements).

1. The police players MUST have their radars turned off and are restricted from using the pause menu for the map to avoid cheating.
2. The civilian players MUST NOT pull out their weapon until they notify the police players. Same goes for the police players.
3. The civilian players MUST NOT steal the police vehicles provided under any circumstances.
4. The police players MUST NOT steal ANY civilian vehicles on the street unless they're in a pursuit AND their vehicle is trashed or destroyed.
5. The civilian players MUST NOT pick up ANY weapons provided for the police unless asked, in which case, can only be accepted if a robbery with more than three players on the civilian team.

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