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Radio Chatter

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:34 pm

It's not only WHAT you say but sometimes it's also HOW you say it. This page tells you how to speak to dispatch and other units on patrol.

1. If there's someone roleplaying as civilian then they need to minimise their speech as far as possible to avoid confusion and non-realism.

2. When a unit is chatting to dispatch, their speech should look like this (I'll use Unit 123 as an example):
<Unit> Unit 123 to Dispatch.
<Dispatch> This is Dispatch, 123 go ahead.
<Unit> [Explanation of the Situation]
<Dispatch> [Dispatch's decision on what to say next]

3. Use the Scanner Codes as seen here.

4. When in a pursuit, the pursuing units have to be in a single file and on the right side of the road (trying to avoid other cars and pedestrians). This is done by the order as shown below:
  • Primary (1st)
  • Secondary (2nd)
  • Tertiary (3rd)
  • Quaternary (4th)
  • Quinary (5th)
  • Senary (6th)
  • Septenary (7th)
  • Octonary (8th)
  • Nonary (9th)
  • Denary (10th)

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