Relations With Other Gangs

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Relations With Other Gangs

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:34 am

If you're gonna survive on the streets with the Poccet Hood Crips you have to know about the dangers and safety. Below is a complete list of gangs found within San Andreas in detail and the relation they have. The gangs below may include real-life (Roleplaying crews) gangs or in-game gangs.

The Ballas are a (majority) African-American street gang which controls several areas in South Central LS such as Davis and surrounding areas. The Ballas are main rivals with the Families and are frenemies with the Vagos (sometimes allies, sometimes rivals). There are three sets of the Ballas and all three are rivals with the PHCs. The three sets include the "Original Covenant Ballas" or "OCB" which control Covenant Avenue and parts of Grove Street, the "East Side Ballas" or "ESB" are situated in the East-side of Davis and finally the "South Rancho Ballas" or "SRB" which reside in (as the name suggests) south Rancho. The Ballas have been rivals with us ever since we teamed up and turn affiliate with the Families member Lamar Davis. Another reason the Ballas are rivals is because one of our own members, Jack, got into the gang by being rescued by Treyvon, Red and Muteboy after being cornered by Ballas when the three arrived and downed all of them and helped Jack go into hiding until he was jumped into the PHCs.

The Families are a (majority) African-American street gang which controls several areas in South Central LS such as Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry and surrounding areas. The Families are main rivals with the Ballas. There are four sets of Families and two are allies with the PHCs and two are rivals with the PHCs. The four sets include the "Chamberlain Gangsta Families" or "CGF", this set is rivals with the PHCs as they sometimes approach Crips aggressively and occasionally pull weapons out on them. The next is the "Forum Drive Families" or "FDF" or "Forum Gangstas", this set is allies with the PHCs as close affiliates Lamar Davis and Gerald introduced the Crips into Los Santos and got them set up. The next is the "Carson Avenue Families" or "CAF" which is another rival with the PHCs for the same reason as the CGFs. Finally, the "Davis Neighborhood Families" or "DNF" are allies as they help Crips when fighting against the CAFs or CGFs.

The Vagos are a Hispanic street gang which controls several areas in South Central LS such as Rancho and Cypress Flats. The Vagos are rivals with the Families and have a "frenemy" relationship with the Ballas. Unlike the Families and Ballas, the Vagos don't have sets and they count themselves as one majority set simply known as the "Los Santos Vagos". The Vagos are enemies with the PHCs as they like to have deals with other rival gangs in San Andreas such as the Lost MC and Ballas and when the PHCs attack, they do not surrender and they almost always fight back and are not friendly to us Crips.

The Aztecas are a Hispanic street gang which controls northern Rancho. The Aztecas are rivals with the Lost MC, Marabunta Grande, Los Santos Vagos and are allies with Trevor Philips Industries. Like the Vagos, the Aztecas only have one set and call themselves "Varrios Los Aztecas" (or The Neighborhood Aztecs in English). The Aztecas used to be allies with the PHCs as they done deals through Trevor Philips Industries but that alliance would be destroyed three years later in 2016 when the kingpin of the PHCs decided to steal a shipment the Aztecas were transferring to a hideout. The PHCs stole the shipment successfully and got attacked all the way to the warehouse as the kingpin and Red attacked the Aztecas from the air while the other PHCs drove the shipment to the PHC warehouse. The Aztecas are now neutral with the PHCs but they are closer to the rival side and may not skew off to the ally side anytime soon.

Marabunta Grande
The Marabunta Grande are a Salvadoran street gang from El Salvador which controls East LS, El Burro Heights and Vespucci Beach. The Marabunta Grande are rivals with all the main gangs in San Andreas such as the Varrios Los Aztecas, Los Santos Vagos and Ballas. "Marabunta Grande" is the Spanish equivalent of "Big" or "Huge Plague". The Marabunta Grande are neutral and hasn't had any major threats or hanging around with the PHCs.

The Kkangpae are a South Korean criminal organisation situated in one street and one location, Ginger St, Little Seoul. The relationship between the PHCs and Kkangpae are shaky after Lester's job about a small bank job and later with breaking a criminal out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary in which (in both cases) a car got stolen by them by the PHCs.

The Lost MC
The Lost MC are an outlaw motorcycle club situated in Blaine County and spots of Los Santos. The Lost MC are major rivals with the PHCs, mainly due to the rivalry between the Lost MC and Trevor Philips Industries but the leader of the PHCs had an experience with the Lost MC that was deemed by him as unforgivable, respectively. A Lost MC biker was getting cheated on and heard his girlfriend was walking with another man when he went out. He then saw a female walking with a guy in Strawberry that looked like his girlfriend and mistakenly shot the guy, who was the PHC Kingpin's father, then drove off. It wasn't until he saw the news that he figured out that he shot the wrong person. The PHC Kingpin has vowed to find the guy who killed his father and is still on that mission to this day.

Incase you don't want to read the long stories, here's a smaller overview of the relations between the other gangs.

Families (CGFs & CAFs)
Los Santos Vagos
The Lost MC

Varrios Los Aztecas
Marabunta Grande

Families (FDFs & DNFs)
Trevor Philips Industries

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