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About: News

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:38 am

About: News

This "News" section is quite obviously including all the news that happens within the crew and has a few rules as listed below:

  • Only the Kingpin and OGs are allowed to add new topics onto the "News" and OGs still need to notify the Kingpin beforehand for confirmation first. If any lower rank adds a topic then it'll be deleted with a friendly warning, followed by a formal warning then by a three-day ban from the forums (crew membership remains).

  • The news added must be in English and in a clean, understandable and organised format. If anyone adds a topic that the Kingpin thinks isn't neat and/or understandable then it'll get edited by the Kingpin or an OG. This will be followed by a friendly warning.


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