Crip Slang Terms

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Crip Slang Terms

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:57 pm

Slang Terms

The Crips don't talk like original businessmen with suits and ties with a briefcase, they use their own dictionary to show each other respect. A list of all Crip slang terms are listed below including acronyms and terms used by Bloods to offend Crips:

187: Kill someone.
ADIDAS: All Day I Down [Diss] All Slobs.
B.O.S: Beat on sight.
Banging: Shooting/gang activity.
Beat In: Recruit getting beat up to prove their worth (male recruits).
BG/PeeWee: Baby Gangsta (very low-ranking member).
CC: Used instead of CK as CK stands for Crip Killa (example: Pocket Hood = Poccet Hood, Rack = Racc).
Cheddar/Snaps: Money.
Chop It Up: Talk.
Cuz: Term of endearment between Crips (alternative to "homie", "man" or "bro").
Deuce Deuce: .22 pistol (Pistol).
Flag/Rag/Heart: Bandana identifying which gang their in (blue for Crips, red for Bloods).
Gat: Gun.
Kingdom: Controlled area by the Bloods.
M.O.B: Money over bitches.
Mad Juice: Respect for...
OG: Original Gangsta (very high-ranking member, below Crip Lord position).
Put 'em in Check: Beat up or threaten a gang member.
S.O.S: Shoot on sight.
Scuzz/Crab: Term used by Bloods to offend Crip members.
Sex In: Recruit having sex with a high-ranking member to prove their worth (female recruits).
Slippin': Crip member losing respect.
Slobs: Term used by Crips to offend Blood members.
Strapped: Carrying a gun.
T.O.S: Terminate on sight.
Turf: Controlled area by the Crips.
Violation: Beat up or threaten another Crip member (Used by Crips to Crips).
What It B Like?: Term used to greet Blood members (alternative to "hey", "hello" or "wassup").
What It C Like?: Term used to greet Crip members (alternative to "hey", "hello" or "wassup").

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