Questions You WILL Be Asked Before Joining

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Questions You WILL Be Asked Before Joining

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:49 pm

Questions You WILL Be Asked Before Joining The Poccet Hood Crips

As explained in the topic before this, Poccet Hood Crips recruits will go through a series of instructions before becoming an official member. Below is a numbered list in order of questions the recruits WILL HAVE TO BE ASKED.

NOTE TO THE HIGHER RANKING MEMBERS WHEN RECRUITING: Write down what the recruit says to report to the Crip Lord after the interview for validation. The recruit will get a message from the Crip Lord either congratulating them or apologising to them.

1. [Only if found by another high-ranking member] Who referred you to the crew, I'd like their gamertag and for you to explain to me what he/she said? (GOOD EXAMPLE: It was [crew member gamertag] and he/she said [what the member said].
2. Have you been in any other crew before and if so what? (Yes, explain. No, skip explanation)
3. Have you experienced any Roleplay crews, groups or servers before? (Yes, name them. No, skip naming)
4. What makes you want to join the Poccet Hood Crips? (GOOD EXAMPLE: I thought that being a Roleplaying gang member would be quite fun, yeah there are restrictions but it adds to the realism. BAD EXAMPLE: I just want in a crew to get the bonuses and it'll give me a good thing to do in my spare time)
5. What knowledge do you have of real life Crip gangs? (Three good examples of Crip gangs in real life. Five meh examples. Ten bad examples.)
6. What type of relationship are you hoping to have with the other members? (GOOD EXAMPLE: I'm hoping to be good friends with them and hope not to get into any arguments, I'm not that offensive either. BAD EXAMPLE: I'm not sure, I don't really have good friendships with other crew members equal or lower than my rank.)
7. Do you hope to be a good member by following the orders of the Crip Lord and his OGs? Avoid one word answers. (GOOD EXAMPLE: I will be a good member towards any member of the crew regardless of race, gender, nationality or age. BAD EXAMPLE: Yes.)
8. Do you mind swearing an oath to the crew to prove your worth and gain more respect? (GOOD EXAMPLE: I will swear an oath to the crew. BAD EXAMPLE: I kind of do mind/I'm not really into that/Too embarrassing)

The Oath

The recruit MUST swear these oaths to the recruiter for good respect towards the recruit (The recruiter MUST say "I swear that..." before the oath):
1. Do you swear that you'll never offend anyone with insults or threats and respect each and every member?
2. Do you swear that you'll always follow orders if asked to do something either from the Crip Lord or the higher-ranked members?
3. Do you swear that you'll be active as often as twice a week minimum?
4. Do you swear that you'll play by the rules as shown on the Rules & Regulations page of the website?
5. Do you swear that you'll never troll or annoy anyone in the crew by DMing, blowing up cars and/or blowing heavily through the mic?
6. Do you swear that you'll follow every oath previously repeated?

Keep in mind that only Poccet Hood OGs and the Crip Lord are allowed to recruit.

Thanks for reading and please follow the required steps for recruiting members for a valid initiation.

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