Car Meet - 6th February 2016

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Car Meet - 6th February 2016

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:04 pm

PHC Car Meet (06/02/16)


The first car meet of February 2016 is on Saturday the 6th and will be focused mainly around muscle cars as seen in the eligible cars list below. It starts at the time of 21:00 GMT 0 (9pm).

Eligible Cars

This week's car meet is based around Muscle Cars only and will mostly be of the Muscle class. All of the eligible cars are listed below:

Muscle class:
Albany Buccaneer (NOT CUSTOM)
Bravado Gauntlet
Bravado Rat-Loader
Bravado Rat-Truck
Cheval Picador
Declasse Sabre Turbo
Declasse/Classique Stallion
Declasse Vigero
Imponte Dukes
Imponte Phoenix
Imponte Ruiner
Vapid Blade
Vapid Dominator
Vapid Hotknife

Other Classes:
Benefactor Glendale (Sedan class)
Bravado Buffalo (Sports class)
Bravado Buffalo S (Sports class)
Declasse Rhapsody (Compact class)
Vulcar Warrener (Sedan class)

Miscellaneous Information
This meeting WILL have snapmatic pictures taken and they WILL be posted on this thread as a reply by MYSELF. A film may be recorded but it's not confirmed whether it'll be made or not. If a film is recorded, edited and uploaded, the participating members will be credited at the end of the film.

NOTE: You may post your own pictures taken by yourself but note that posting pictures from MY social club account is prohibited.

Enjoy the meet and I hope to see you there on Saturday!

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