Car Meet - 16th January 2016

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Car Meet - 16th January 2016

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:16 pm

Car Meet (16/01/16)

The first meet of 2016 is here with a car meet! The message will be sent out to members of the crew on Friday (15/01/16 [UK] or 01/15/16 [US]). The date of this car meet is this week on Saturday (16/01/16) starting at 22:00 GMT 0.

This meet will be different to any other as the main vehicles required will be under the SUV class and SUV-like vehicles in other classes (e.g. Sandking from Off-Road, Bison from Vans and Sadler from Utility)! Conditions are listed in list format below:

  • Your chosen vehicle MUST be in the SUV class or a vehicle related to SUV-like vehicles as listed above.
  • Your chosen vehicle MUST be possessed by you (in other words, you may not borrow someone else's car or find one off the street).

This meet WILL be recorded and edited with the Rockstar Editor and WILL be able to be accessed through the Rockstar Games Social Club and YouTube. All participating members will be credited at the end of the movie.

NOTE: After the meet is finished and the movie is complete, you may post your own pictures by replying to this topic and comment on other people's pictures. Once the movie is completed, it'll be posted here by myself.


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