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Paleto Bay

Post by ScottishPimp69 on Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:42 am

In Paleto Bay, the jurisdiction is relatively small, we have a checkpoint heading south of the office on the Route 1. The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office is located on the southwest corner of the Route 1 and Paleto Boulevard. Street names are listed below to help guide your way through Paleto Bay (Pictures will be included if possible, some may still need to be collected).

Great Ocean Highway (Route 1)

Paleto Boulevard

Procopio Drive

Procopio Promenade

Duluoz Avenue

Pyrite Avenue

Cascabel Avenue

The jurisdiction is found below, scaled to fit the description of patrolling space (NOTE: If a pursuit is in progress, the deputies are free to leave their jurisdiction to chase after the suspect).

The Office has a nice big parking lot big enough to fit 6 Police Bikes, 2 Police Mavericks, 5 FIB Buffalos, 5 Ambulances and 6 Police Cruisers. This is what the office looks like below (pictures taken personally by me):

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